Re-Sharpening Services

Specialist equipment enables us to re-sharpen pulveriser rotors, cones, segments and granulator blades from any manufacturer.

Pulveriser Equipment

Rotors, cones and segments manufactured to suit your individual mills. Customised products produced.

Granulator Equipment

Our standard blades are through hardened but we also manufacture tungsten tipped and hardsurfaced welded blades.

About us

Specialised Manufacturing

Northern Grinding was founded in 2004 for the specialised manufacture and re-sharpening of rotors, cones, segments and blades, to suit a wide range of pulverising mills and granulators, building on 35 years of involvement in the plastics industry.

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More than 35 year experience in industry

Building on over 35 years involvement with the plastics industry.

Plastic and Recycling Industry

Quarries and Cement Manufacturers

We can help to you find a solution

We can help find solutions to your problems. An example is our own designed and manufactured guillotine which solved our customers issue with the preparation of excess and scrap rolls of vinyl safety flooring.

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Our Staff have extensive experience in the field in which we work. This allows us to provide and analysis of your granulating, pulverising and associated processes

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