Developed, designed and manufactured by Northern Grinding

Along with standard parts made by Northern Grinding, we also have the capability to design, develop and manufacture specialised products to suit client’s specific requirements; an example of this is a fully automated Guillotine System for processing abrasive safety flooring. This machine was specifically developed for a major UK manufacturer of specialised flooring products. The initial brief was to develop a Guillotine System capable of reducing long rolls of flooring into manageable lengths for the next stage of an extensive recycling process.

Guillotine System

Using previous experience, process knowledge and ascertaining clients exact requirements, enabled our engineers to produce initial design drawings for the clients approval. Following this a prototype was built to prove the design, after completion of successful prototype trials the final system was manufactured.

The Guillotine System was manufactured to meet all current safety standards and regulations including CE conformity. The equipment was installed by Northern Grinding Engineers and on-site training given to all operatives. Northern Grinding provides a full technical support service to ensure ongoing efficient running of the Guillotine.

Guillotine System Manufacturing

Consumable wear parts such as blades are held in stock and quick turnaround given for re-sharpening. This Guillotine System whilst specifically designed and built for our clients application can be modified to suit client requirements for other products.

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