We manufacture Granulator Blades and Stators in a wide range of popular and custom-made designs for the plastic and rubber recycling, manufacturing, and transforming/converting industries.

Herbold, Pallmann, and Cumberland blades are among the most popular from our extensive range.

  • Blackfriars
  • Condux
  • Cumberland
  • Dreher
  • Herbold
  • Pallmann
  • Zerma

With advanced capabilities, an extensive library of drawings and an expert engineering and production team, Northern Grinding can manufacture any granulator blade for any machine

We manufacture Granulator Blades and Stators in Various Steel Grades:

  • Through Hardened Steel
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped

At Northern Grinding our standard blades are through hardened. Hardsurfaced blades are coated with various weld deposits to suit different combinations of impact and abrasive wear.

We also supply tungsten tipped and hard surfaced welded blades. Tungsten tipped blades use different grades of tungsten carbide to suit specific applications.

Using the highest quality of D2 sourced directly from accredited steel mills, you can be assured of consistent quality. Heat treatment is carried out by using our own specification, vacuum hardened and tempered. To meet your material cutting requirements.

Granulator Blade 1
Granulator Blade 2

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